Our Contributions

Check-in printers print hold slips

one of many book carts we donated

Bus Shelter

Best Sellers Collection

These hot titles were available for check out one recent Friday afternoon.

check-in printers - before we purchased these speedy little printers, circulation clerks had to write hold slips out by hand.  These babies spit out hold slips in mere seconds.  Circulation used to always be three days behind on checking in items because of the enormous amount of time it took to write hold slips.  That means that when you turned in a book, it could take three or more days before it would clear off your record.  These printers were one of the first things purchased with our Amazon earnings, and allowed one volunteer who spent many hours each week checking in items to transfer her abilities over to the Friends' book sale operation.  Our monthly earnings from Amazon quickly doubled.

book carts - more book carts means that items get returned to the shelves faster so that you have a better selection when you come to the library.

books - ‘nuff said. More books are always better.  Audiobooks, too.

DVDs - same goes.

bus shelter - the cool, book-themed bus shelter across from the Main Library was made possible by a donation from the Friends.

Cultural Passes - we have provided many cultural passes in the past, including those on the list below.  This year, we only provided an extra Children's Museum pass, as Cultural Passes are now funded by WCCLS.

Children's Museum

Chinese Classical Gardens

Japanese Gardens

Rice NW  Museum of Rock and Minerals

These passes make you a museum member for the day!  Get details here:


Best Sellers - Just before our November 2008 Book Sale, we learned that the money budgeted for the Best Sellers collection through June 2009  had already been exhausted.  So we pledged half of our gross proceeds from the sale to this popular collection.  After a wildly successful sale, we were pleased to present the library with a check for $12,500. For fiscal year 2011-12, we are donating $50,000 to this collection.

DVD/CD Repair -  Several years ago, we purchased a machine that detects flaws in CDs and DVDs in a matter of seconds and another machine that buffs scratches out of CDs and DVDs.  Together, these two machines have allowed the library to repair and return hundreds of CDs and DVDs too scratched to be usable to the collection.  As wonderful as the CD/DVD buffer was, it couldn't repair all scratches.    We have recently purchased a new buffer which, during the trial period alone,  has already saved hundreds of dollars of CDs and DVDs which the other machine could not fix.